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   Brenda Burris Adams 

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Brenda Burris Adams
Independent Business Affiliate

Rock Hill, SC

Background Information

Brenda is a long-time resident of South Carolina with an unparalleled work-ethic beginning at age 14. At this young age, she learned what client service is all about and never stopped serving others. Brenda is a Navy veteran and currently owns her own tax service serving small businesses and has been an active member of the local business community for two decades. Most notably, Brenda has become a passionate advocate for a host of criminal justice reforms to help stop the proliferation of due process abuses that are becoming common-place not only is South Carolina, but throughout many towns and cities across the country.

Business Description

In addition to the professional tax services that Brenda provides to a wide variety of clients from individuals to small and mid-size companies in a variety of diverse industries, Brenda is a passionate due process advocate assisting those who are thrust into the legal arena. She established her affiliation with The Due Process Advocate in order to economically provide proactive education, research, writing, and referrals to individuals seeking assistance in navigating their way through today’s legal system.

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Contact Information

Brenda Burris Adams
627 Briarcliff Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 370-1515


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